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Christmas Sale Extended On Select Lines From Foldabox

If you’re a retailer who needs festive packaging that leaves your customers pleasantly surprised, look no further than Foldabox for all your holiday packaging solutions.  Our boxes and accessories leave the stress out of your customer's holiday season by giving them a product which needs no further embellishment or wrapping by them! In this post, we will be discussing possible solutions for your retail product packaging that will leave your customers grateful to have chosen you!

It is no secret that beautiful festive packaging, with your branding, refreshes your brand image and encourages customer retention in the long run. Whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary, bright and bold, pale and pastel or eco-conscious festive season, we have something for everyone. So if you have goods to sell this holiday season, read on.

Personalising your packaging through printing

To be head and shoulders above your competitors this holiday season, a little extra detail on your packaging can help you stand out and make your products eye-catching and unique. To make a memorable first impression, we believe that printing your logo onto your gift boxes can help you achieve this. 

Visit our printing page to view examples of each printing style detailed below: 

  • Foil Blocking - 1 colour
  • Foil Blocking - 2 colours
  • Foil Blocking - Tone on Tone (using the same colour foil as the box colour being printed)
  • Debossing (The logo/design pushed down into the box surface - no colour)
  • Screen Print - 1 colour
  • Screen Print - 2 colours
  • Multi Colour / Digital Print - also known as CMYK

Why not print your logo on top of the box and add a photo frame onto the underside of the lid with a description of the contents and your business details? Our photo frames are easy to affix with self-adhesive strips attached to the backs. It’s as easy as peeling and sticking! They also come in various colours that can be mixed and matched with our boxes. 

Sustainable Christmas packaging for hampers

Did you know that Christmas hampers are the new gift baskets? With our Natural Kraft Range, your hampers can still exude rustic charm but with a sophisticated edge. Our boxes come in sizes ranging from small to XL and are deep enough to place all the goodies the best personal hampers contain. (Think bubble bath and a bottle of bubbly). Read our blog post here to get more ideas on ways our customers have used Foldabox for their hamper gift businesses.

Another option for a sophisticated look is to order our Naked Grey boxes with your branding in foil blocking and recycled satin ribbons in your brand's colours to complete the look. This would work especially well for beauty or artisanal products. Grey is neutral and subtle enough to work for many branding colour schemes. Can you imagine the delight of your clients to receive their products so beautifully packaged?

Both the Natural Kraft and Naked Grey luxury folding gift boxes are made using recycled materials, are fully recyclable and are environmentally eco-friendly. You can even add Natural cotton ribbon as a light cream colour to finish off the look.

We are proud to offer sustainable and eco-friendly product packaging through our natural kraft range, but have gone so far as to stock satin ribbons that are made from recycled plastic bottles! Having sustainable packaging would appeal to your environmentally conscious customers, and the bonus is it doesn’t detract from a tasteful and attractive look. These boxes give your handmade products an unassuming yet refined allure. And with our new recycled ribbons as the finishing touch, your customers will be delighted.

Personalisation with ribbons, gemstone closures, slot decals and more

If you are searching for a unique closure and don’t want to use ribbon, we have our decal labels that are designed to cover the slots on the front of the box when assembled. You can read more about them here. Our slot decal labels come in a variety of gilded colours (gold, rose gold & silver), and would be the perfect way to complete your holiday packaging with a flourish.

If you are looking for something with a more traditional festive feel, then we have our red or gold boxes, which can be personalised with your logo debossed on the lid and an elegant gemstone closure. Remember, our gemstones are packed in 6’s, so it’s easy for you to mix and match gemstones with box colours which are sold 12 per colour. Another way to finish off your festive boxes is by using one of our Christmas ribbons which we’re recently launched for our Slot Gift Boxes with Changeable Ribbon. There is a tasteful selection of printed ribbons in beautiful tartans and botanical elements, amongst a host of many others!

In an age where customers are more aware of their waste footprint on the earth, how reassured will they be to know that your boxes are sturdy enough to be reused in many ways around their homes and offices. We have a list of easy ways to repurpose your gift boxes here. As you will see, Foldabox truly is the gift that keeps on giving!

We have curated a Christmas collection as the most popular gift boxes and accessories for festive gift packaging but please feel free to browse our full range by size or colour if you don't find exactly what you are looking for here. This collection is listed alphabetically. You can view the full collection here.

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