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Our Story

The Story Behind the Original Folding Gift Box

Thinking outside the box…

In 2005, we launched a simple range of high-quality collapsible gift boxes with ribbon, available from stock, aimed at small businesses and retailers who didn't have large volume requirements. We were the earliest adopters of such a wide range of folding gift boxes in the e-commerce space - a market then in its relative infancy.

Over several years we went on to develop a wider variety of slot box options and accessories, which made it easy for customers to customise their packaging to represent their brand

For our gift boxes to mean business for our customers (The ultimate goal), we conducted extensive market research to help us further understand their needs and ensure Foldabox ticked all the right, well, boxes…

  • High Quality
  • High Impact
  • Reusable
  • Customisable
  • Easy-To-Store
  • Space Saving
  • Energy Saving
  • Eco-Friendly

To think outside the box, you must first know the box. Armed with this deep understanding of the industry and our clients' needs, we were able to move forward with innovation at the heart of our product development.

Re-gift | Re-use | Re-purpose

Since inception, our eco-credentials have been a priority in our design and development process. There's more on this continued commitment to sustainability through eco-friendly packaging here.

We have only ever sold (And will only ever sell) high-quality folding gift boxes that are recyclable and sturdy enough to last and be reused or repurposed - with a much longer cradle-to-grave life cycle than many other types of gift packaging.

I have always said, “People don't like to throw away a nice box. And nor should they!”

Did you know: Collapsible gift boxes take up 50% - 95% less space compared to an equivalent-sized rigid box. Less space in storage and transport is not only convenient but also means lower energy consumption. It’s important our customers can focus their resources on the products they sell, not packaging.

The values that shaped our products

Our core values have been key to our product development for more than 18 years.

  • Originality
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Ethics and Credibility
  • Attention to detail
  • Sustainability

These values all intersect at one core principle:
“Always bring innovation, not imitation, to the product development table.”

Innovators, not imitators: “The Foldabox range is designed and developed in the UK by a team who respect copyright and legitimate business growth through hard work, investment, and creativity. We only work with ethical factories that meet our quality criteria. Working with long-established innovators ensures an ethical supply chain for everyone.”

Nicole Hines, Foldabox Founder and CEO

Foldabox's First of its Kind Milestones

We have worked tirelessly and consistently over the years to lead the folding gift box industry through many first-of-its-kind offerings, such as unique colours, exchangeable ribbon boxes, slot decals, add-ons (Including photo frames, inserts and birthstones), and custom printing.

Today, the number of colour and size combinations we offer is virtually limitless, so our customers are assured of having their brand or topical themes accurately represented in their gift packaging.

A Journey Back in Time

  • 2005

    Foldabox Incorporated

  • 2006

    Website launched with the first to market folding gift boxeswith ribbon available from stock in 9 colours across 4 sizes.

    First with pale pink and pale blue folding gift boxes aimed at the baby market

    First with cream-coloured boxes aimed at the wedding market

    First with metallic gold, silver, and red folding gift boxes

    First with navy folding gift boxes

    First with Wine/Champagne size folding gift boxes

  • 2008

    First with Launch of Black with ribbon folding gift boxes

  • 2010

    First with cube folding gift boxes aimed at the candle and cupcake market

  • 2011

    First with our USA website launch, introducing our unique range of gift boxes

    First with the launch of Natural Kraft paper-covered folding gift boxes

    First with Wave boxes using interchangeable lid/base colours

  • 2013

    First First with development and launch of fill-your-own Celebration Crackers

  • 2014

    First with the launch of pearl paper finish gift boxes in Silver, Gold, and Red

    First with contemporary grosgrain ribbon across the range

    First with true ivory special paper-covered folding gift boxes for the wedding and baby markets

  • 2015

    First with A5 Shallow, A5 Deep, A4 Shallow and A4 Deep folding gift boxes, establishing recognised A* paper sizes as the naming protocol.

  • 2016

    First with the launch of Slot Gift Boxes with changeable ribbons across the range

    First with lift off lid folding gift boxes

    First with A6 Shallow gift boxes

  • 2017

    First with the launch of rose gold, pewter copper,and bronze folding gift boxes

    First with Naked Box® grey gift boxes using special flecked natural paper as a contemporary alternative to Natural Kraft

  • 2018

    First with the creation and launch of Photo folding boxes incorporating a photo frame in the box lid.

    First with Navy Pearl paper finish gift boxes

  • 2019

    First with the creation and launch of decorative closures for slot gift boxes as an alternative to ribbon

  • 2020

    First with Rainbow holographic folding gift boxes for NHS hampers during Covid and the LGBGTQA+ market

    First with A3 Shallow and A3 Deep size folding gift boxes

    First with the creation and launch of Photo Frames in 8 colours to add to the lid of gift boxes

  • 2021

    First with the creation and launch of slot decal labels

  • 2023

    First with the creation and launch of FAB Sides® Decorative Side Panels

So, that's us!

What clients put in our luxury folding gift boxes is what's most important to them. But, as we said at the beginning of our story, we are founded on the simple notion that packaging is the first thing that a customer sees. Now that you know us, we hope you'll trust us to help you get the most out of eye-catching and top quality packaging opportuniies that put your products in more hands for longer.

If your brand speaks to quality then it deserves the best quality gift packaging and you need look no further.

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