Additional Ribbon Color Options for Slot Gift Boxes with Changeable Ribbon

This is the full collection of fabulous grosgrain ribbon lengths available in over 110 colors, designed to fit our extensive range of Slot Gift Boxes with changeable ribbon. 

Ideal to add a color accent to match your brand or product colors. Also great to compliment a custom printed logo on the lid of the box.

Double Ribbon Bows look especially good.

Select the filter tiles to the left to see the color shade groups and focus your selection.

Slot boxes are supplied complete with a length of matching color ribbon but you can change the ribbon color to create a more customised and unique packaging solution to enhance your brand or product gifting.

All ribbons are high quality 100% polyester. Colorfast and SVHC Free.

1" width (2.5cm) and pre-cut to 31½" (80cm) length with diagonal mitre cut and sealed ends. The ribbon fits all slot gift boxes and can be trimmed shorter if you prefer. 

Each pack of ribbons contain 24 pre-cut lengths. 

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