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Looking for fun and creative ways to accessorise your packaging using our ribbons? Tying a basic knot is elegant and straightforward, but there are many ways to get creative with your packaging by tying ribbons differently. Our ribbons come in all sorts of colours, designs and materials, so you can get creative. Plus, they're easy to use and complement our luxury boxes perfectly. This blog will show you thirteen creative ways to tie ribbons so you can take your product packaging to the next level.

Single bow
Double bow

Double bow contrast ribbon

Traditional parcel bow

Traditional parcel knotted
2 x Slot Decals Ribbon - Left to Right knotted
2 x Slot Decals Ribbon around the lid only
2 x Slot Decals Ribbon around the lid only knotted
2 x Slot Decals Ribbon - Left to Right
Ribbon around the lid only (no ribbon box)
Ribbon around opposite corners
Ribbon around the lid only with a bow on the inside lid
Ribbon around the lid with a slot decal affixed to the ribbon

Themed ribbons for seasonal holidays

Get a festive look by using ribbons in seasonal colours. Red and green ribbons are perfect for Christmas gifts, while black and orange ribbons give a Halloween-themed package extra spookiness. You can also use ribbon colours that match the occasion, like pastels for baby showers or light blue for graduation gifts.

We already have various ribbons to choose from, but we’re excited to launch our new ribbons just in time for Christmas. These new ribbons are satin and create a great textural contrast when used together with the supplied grosgrain ribbon. Recycled satin ribbons add the perfect eco-conscious finishing touch, and they are available in 16 colours. In our recent blog,Add a festive touch to your packaging with Christmas ribbons from Foldabox, you will find a list of our new ribbons.

Use colours to evoke emotions

The psychology of colours also tells us that it's widely linked to mood. Certain colours impact our mood and how we feel when we associate them with the product. Brand specialists have used the psychological effects of colour to create feelings in potential customers, build trust or engagement, and incite interest in the product. Larger retailers use colour psychology to persuade customers to make purchases and encourage smaller businesses to do so. Many of our customers prefer purchasing our luxury folding gift boxes in traditional colours like white, black or navy. They then accessorise it with colour using our ribbons decorative closures.

Colour combinations can be fun and exciting too. Using multiple colours of ribbons to create a double ribbon bow look great. Double ribbon bows are a perfect way to customise the box. The entire look of the box changes just with the addition of the ribbon, and a double bow not only lifts the perceived value but the attention to detail in incorporating a brand’s personality. Read more about the vital role colours play in branding and packaging here.

There are many ways to get creative with your packaging by tying ribbons differently! Which of these methods will you use?

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