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Colour trends and forecasting play a vital role for our customers as well as our brand. In this blog, we are going to share the 2023 colour of the year from both Pantone and WGSN.

WGSN - Digital Lavender

Coloro, an international colour forecasting agency, has partnered with global trend forecaster WGSN to announce its Colour of the Year for 2023. The chosen hue is digital lavender, a vibrant shade that reflects the current trends in technology and design. With its boldness and versatility, digital lavender will be sure to make a statement in the upcoming year. Let’s take a look at what makes this colour so special. 

What Is Digital Lavender?
Digital lavender is a unique blend of purple and pink hues which can be used as a neutral as well as an accent colour. It is particularly striking against other colours, such as black, white, grey and blue. This colour is perfect for mixing and matching other shades to create eye-catching designs and stylish interiors. It can also be used to add an element of sophistication to any room or outfit. 

The Impact of Technology on Colour Trends 
Technology has become increasingly influential in shaping our lives, from how we communicate to what we wear. As technology continues to evolve, so too does our understanding of colour trends. Digital lavender is one such example; it was inspired by the growth in popularity of digital devices such as smartphones and tablets over the past few years. At its core, it reflects our fascination with all things tech-related and how they are influencing our daily lives. Coloro believes that this colour will continue to gain traction in 2023 because it embodies both modernity and nostalgia - two qualities that are currently popular amongst consumers. The use of digital lavender will help businesses stand out from their competitors while also connecting them with their customers on an emotional level. 

Pantone - Viva Magenta

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute releases a chosen colour for the year. This year, it is Viva Magenta. Viva Magenta is a lively and energising shade that symbolises strength and inspiration in a chaotic world. Let’s take a look at what makes this colour so special and how it can be used to make your home look beautiful. 

Why is This Colour So Special?
Viva Magenta is a bright pink with hints of purple, making it stand out from other shades of pink. It’s an eye-catching colour that brings energy and life into any room. It also symbolises strength, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity—all qualities we need right now more than ever before. 

Using Viva Magenta in Your Home Decor 
Viva Magenta looks great when used as an accent colour in your home decor. It works especially well in modern or contemporary spaces since its vibrancy will liven up any dull room. You can add pieces featuring this hue as accents to your living room or bedroom for an instant pop of colour. Or, if you want to go all out, you could paint an entire wall in Viva Magenta for an unforgettable statement piece that will leave guests in awe! 

Viva Magenta also pairs nicely with neutral colours like white, grey, black, and beige for a more subtle look that won’t overwhelm the space. Or you could experiment with other shades of pink, like blush or coral, for a softer touch to balance out the intense vibrancy of Viva Magenta. 

Foldabox Products that match these colours of the year

We have a wide selection of accessories to complement our folding gift boxes. Our extensive range of ribbons has shades that match each colour of the year quite beautifully. Some of our favourites are:

Digital Lavender

Viva Magenta

Our Garnet decorative gemstone box closure is close in colour to Viva Magenta. It is also the ideal January Birthstone gift box accessory that works nicely with White, Silver, Ivory, Black, Navy, Rose Gold, Copper and Pewter slot gift boxes with changeable ribbon. Garnets are also used to celebrate 2nd wedding anniversaries. Believed to represent prosperity, abundance and encouraging gratitude and service to others.

A closure that works well for Digital Lavendar is our Purple Sapphire (lilac) decorative gemstone. The ideal gift box accessory that works very nicely with White, Silver, Ivory, Black, Navy, Pale Pink, Pale Blue and Pewter slot gift boxes with changeable ribbon. Purple Sapphires are believed to awaken consciousness, enhance intuition and have the power to bring wealth.

We look forward to seeing how our customers incorporate these two beautiful colours into their packaging this year.

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