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When it comes to gift giving, it's the thought that counts but if you want your gift packaging to stand out in a crowded market this festive season, a little extra detail can take it to the next level and make it truly exceptional. One way to do this is by printing your own logo or design onto our gift boxes. Your gift packaging is the first thing your customers see when they receive your product and it's essential to make an excellent first impression.

Some things to remember when choosing custom printing for your packaging…

Most importantly… We’re offering a 10% discount off the cost of print for orders placed between 7th - 18th November! Progress your print enquiry now to guarantee pre-Christmas delivery.  Custom printing takes approx. 2 weeks. 

24 boxes is the minimum number of boxes we can print per size. 144 or more is the most economical quantity due to fixed origination charges that apply no matter how few or how many boxes you print. Use our super quick and easy online estimator to get an instant print price, it literally takes a minute! 

If the initial price is workable, proceed to submit your enquiry, upload your artwork (if you have it) and our print team will take it from there. You will be contacted to confirm the details and process your payment.  The print discount will be applied to the link we send for payment. 

Seeing how our customers have printed their boxes over the years is an excellent source of design inspiration and there are lots of great images on our Printing Page and product pages. We offer a wide variety of print options. It will often depend on the finished appearance you want to achieve, or dependent on your artwork design but we can help you through the process if you’re unsure:

Visit our printing page to view examples of each printing style detailed below: 

  • Foil Blocking - 1 colour
  • Foil Blocking - 2 colours
  • Foil Blocking - Tone on Tone (using the same colour foil as the box colour being printed)
  • Debossing (The logo/design pushed down into the box surface - no colour)
  • Screen Print - 1 colour
  • Screen Print - 2 colours
  • Multi Colour / Digital Print - also known as CMYK

Additional Personalisation options from Foldabox

Photo Frames

Photo Frames are a unique accessory that complement our folding gift boxes by enabling you or your customer to add a photograph. It’s also an easy way to add your product content information, a company logo, promotional message or discount voucher to the outside or outside lid of the gift box. They're easy to affix; peel off the release paper from the self-adhesive strips on the back of the frame and stick it on the box…simple! They’re designed to hold a 6 x 4 photo (4R) or printed information. You can also mix and match photo frame colours onto different box colours. There are great images on each product page.

Check them out here.


Ribbons are a timeless way to personalise your packaging. We offer the widest collection of fabulous ribbons available in 150 options, perfect for our extensive and unique range of Slot Gift Boxes with Changeable Ribbon.  Ribbons available in pre-cut lengths of 80cm, ready to go for our slot gift boxes and also rolls in a range of options to cut to your own length, or use on our no-ribbon gift boxes. Our new recycled ribbons add that perfect eco-conscious finishing touch.  All slot boxes are supplied complete with a length of matching or complimentary ribbon, but you can add a different ribbon colour to create a more customised packaging solution, or even a double bow that looks FAB!

Double ribbon bows are a great way to match your brand or product colours, or mix and match trending colours for the season. There are many ways to get creative and Christmas is the perfect time to add an inexpensive finishing touch for maximum impact. 

With so many colour options you can also match a ribbon to your custom printed logo!

Gemstone Closures

Our range of decorative gift box closures provides an innovative alternative to ribbon for our unique slot gift boxes. The collection includes all birthstone gemstones to use as an eye-catching addition for keepsake boxes, on-trend colours to accessorise wedding boxes, and subtle plain colour dome buttons for a more simple and classic finishing touch. All gemstones and dome closures are supplied complete with a matching or complimentary colour elastic cord loop with a neat metal fixing. 

November’s Birthstones are Citrine & Morganite (Morganite similar to Golden Topaz).

Customising your gift boxes are a great way to stand out in the retail and e-commerce market spaces and it offers your customers a gifting experience unique to your brand.  We look forward to seeing how you personalise your boxes this festive season because with Foldabox, the options are limitless!

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