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Slot Boxes are divine for adding beauty to any occasion; they work perfectly as wedding or baby keepsake boxes, elegant packaging for lingerie, or even cupcake or diaper cake hampers, the list of uses is endless!

To top it off we’ve expanded ourribbon selection to 21 different colours, which is ideal to match your branding or to suit the purpose of the slot box. The ribbons of our slot boxes are interchangeable, so you can really customize your box.

We’d like to introduce the following slot boxes and ribbons:

Pale Pink or Blue slot boxes
Medium and large Pale Pink are now available with slots and interchangeable ribbon.This means that you can add your own ribbon or choose fromour wide range. We love the way the white and black ribbons compliment these boxes! These can fit 16 cupcakes or diaper cakes with our dividers (available separately).

White slot boxes
Our large white boxes now have slots and can be paired with any of our ribbons or add your own to match your branding. You can even go a step further and custom print your logo on the box. We think that the black ribbon looks very elegant and bright red ribbon really gives a pop of color.

A5 Deep Silver Pearl
A newcomer to this size range and instantly popular is the A5 Deep Silver Pearl slot box. The versatility of silver means you can pair it with any ribbon colour. We suggest pale pink, lilac, or spruce green for this color! This size box is ideal for food hampers, tea and coffee hampers or wedding and bridal keepsake boxes.

Ribbons, ribbons, ribbons!
Our eye-catching colours are stealing the show! We suggest our bright red, turquoise, hot pink and cobalt blue for products aimed at a younger market or for products such as lingerie. Our ribbons come in lengths of  31.5" x 1" wide.


We have 21 colors available on our website now, however if you intend to order 600 or more ribbon lengths there are 175 additional colors available on request.

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