Kraft Boxes for Natural Retail Gift Packaging Solutions

The demand for natural and more ecologically-friendly products is steadily growing, with new markets opening up for alternate cosmetics, foods, drinks, clothing and more there is a growing need for packaging solutions that suit them.

We have a range of packaging which has the environmentally conscious in mind, which includes our selection of kraft folding gift boxes. Our high quality natural kraft folding gift boxes are the best available and do not use sticky corners to keep the box assembled. We use a unique double folded inner flap at the front and back of the box that provides extra strength and keeps the box assembled securely.

Natural kraft gift boxes look great with a custom printed logo in black and look especially good with a debossed logo. See our Printing Page for more information and images on what's possible, or contact us with your specific requirements.  

What products our kraft boxes work well for:

Organic beauty products

Our range of boxes include sizes that are ideal for packaging your organic beauty product ranges, with sturdy enough walls to maintain the box’s integrity and keep the items safe. Since all colours will look great on the kraft boxes, you can add your branding to the lid and sides of the box or incorporate some product information that adds more value to your offering.

Artisan Natural Teas and Barista Coffee Gifts

Teas and coffees come in so many different flavours and strengths that it can be a really fun product to sell - and with our kraft boxes the packaging will mirror the organic look and feel of the products themselves. You can also print origin information or the health benefits of the coffees and teas on the boxes themselves.

Hemp, Organic Cotton and Bamboo Clothing

Another way that people are going fully organic is by opting for garments, apparel and accessories made from sustainable material such as hemp, organic cotton and bamboo. We have kraft boxes large enough to hold some of your larger products, such as clothing or small bags, etc. Add your brand’s unique story to educate how your products are part of a more eco-friendly movement.

Organic Food and Drink

Probably the category with the most organic products is food and drink, it is also the most widely adopted by mainstream consumers. Give them the full organic experience by packaging their purchases in an eco-friendly box that they can recycle, up-cycle, and even add to their compost.


Take a look at our range of kraft boxes and get creative with your organic products! More sizes coming early 2017 so send us an e-mail to ensure you are the first to know when the new stock arrives! 

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines