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Silver Metallic Sparkle Ribbon Roll

Product Code: R33285

Silver Metallic Sparkle Ribbon Roll

Product Code: R33285

SilverĀ Metallic Sparkle double faced satin ribbon woven with silverĀ purl metallic thread.Ā 

A luxurious silverĀ ribbon that adds a touch ofĀ class to any gift box.Ā Works well as a contrast texture to the grosgrain ribbon supplied with all our slot gift boxes.

Ideal to cut to your own length or wrap in a traditional gift wrapping style (around 4 sides, crossed under the box base and with a bow on top) around our no ribbon gift boxes, or cut to approx. 31" for our slot boxes with changeable ribbon.Ā 

If using for slot gift boxes @ approx. 31" (80cm) length you will get 25 gift boxes from this roll.

Also available as 31" pre-cut lengths for slot gift boxes with changeable ribbon.

  • Ribbon Rolls must be ordered together with gift boxes.
  • Singe roll / reel of ribbon.
  • 100% Polyester
  • 22 yards (20 metre) roll length x 13ā„16" (2.1cm) width.
  • Colorfast and SVHC Free.
  • Cut the ends diagonally to your preferred length with a sharp pair of scissors.
  • Equivalent $0.43 per yard.
  • See tab information to see how much you need per box in a traditional style of assembly.Ā 
  • You can buy individual or multiple samples of any gift box or accessory.
  • Sample accessories (additional ribbon color options, decorative closures, cupcake dividers and photo frames) must be ordered togetherĀ with gift box samples or bulk gift boxes.
  • Samples are the same as bulk stock but may be from a different batch. See our Help Desk FAQ's for more detailed information.Ā 
  • We recommend you buy a sample before buying bulk to ensure the color, size and quality meet your requirements.
  • Click the ā€˜Buy Sampleā€™Ā pink button on any individual Product Page, or navigate from the top menu under ā€˜Samplesā€™ by size or color.
  • The individual sample charge includes the item, picking and packing.
  • The relevant delivery cost will be added at checkout based on the total weight of the consignment.Ā 
  • Contact: support@foldaboxusa.comĀ if you have any queries.
  • Samples cannot be printed.

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