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There’s something for everyone this year, from natural tones to pastels and neon brights. Traditional festive schemes of red, green and gold are always popular, but there are more options than ever this year, whether your theme is a subtle pastel shade of yellow or neon pink.

Classic white is always on trend
A serene all-white scheme is one of this year’s on-trend looks for those who prefer a minimalist look but still want a festive effect. Designers are noticing more pairings of metallics alongside whites this year. Bronze, copper and rose gold are still trendy, and to be honest, and we don’t see the trend going away anytime soon. Our customers love the various colours our boxes are available in, including whiteivorybronzecopperrose gold etc.

Eco-friendly packaging
Many consumers are actively making small eco-friendly swaps to some of their longstanding Christmas traditions to minimise their impact on the environment. Christmas is arguably the most wasteful time of year, so it's brilliant to see so many of us are considering our impact on the planet. Apart from eco-friendly packaging, natural greenery and dried flowers, look for decorations made from wood, paper, fabric, and straw are all abuzz this festive season. We’ve also noticed an increased demand for Natural Kraft and Natural Grey boxes at Foldabox.

Neon brights
According toEtsy, there has been a 47% increase in searches for bright, pastel and neon coloured decorations, suggesting that the demand for the merry and bright look is still very much there. It’s somewhat different, but the neon colours are becoming more popular with labels and brands that stand out from the crowd. In recent months, these colours have dominated the catwalks and pages of interior design mags, and we love them. So much so that we recently introduced a stunning Candy Pink grosgrain ribbon into our collection.

Traditional opulence
Christmas is all about indulging in favourite time-honoured rituals for many consumers, and nothing feels more festive than a beautifully laid red, green, and gold table. These timeless colours are never outdated at Christmas time, with many retailers and brands giving them a twist of their own. One thing is for sure, gold boxes always add a sense of luxe to any occasion, and luxury red boxes will always instil a sense of nostalgia during the holiday season.

Shades of pastels
Pastel shades are something we associate more with Easter and spring, but Christmas in recent years has seen a real trend of “anything goes”. According to The Mirror, blush pinks and light blues work well with a dusting of silver and gold to create a more unusual festive colour scheme. We have a wide range of pastel shades of ribbons available, as well as pale pink and pale blue boxes.

No matter what look you’re going for this year, there will always be something special for you to choose from at Foldabox. Avoid the last-minute rush and stock up now with beautiful and memorable festive gift packaging.

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