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Are the prices on your website trade prices?
Yes they are. We sell our boxes to business customers with a minimum of 2 packs of boxes of each color or size. 1 pack = 12 individual gift boxes.
Do you offer discounts on higher volumes?
Yes, our discount structure is based on total $ spend, EXCLUDING any shipping charge. If you purchase a single order where the net box value exceeds $1,000, you can claim a 10% discount off the wholesale price shown.
On qualifying orders, entering the code ’10% discount’ into the Discount Coupon box during checkout will automatically deduct 10% of the box value from your Shopping Cart.
Do I need to open an account to buy?
No you don't. You can simply add to your cart and go through the purchasing steps as normal. Opening an account makes it quicker in future as you don't need to enter address details again and you can see your previous purchases as a handy reference. * No payment / card details are stored.
Do you offer discount to charities?
Yes, we are very happy to support charities. We offer an automatic 10% discount to charities, regardless of spend level. Please contact us for a discount code specific to you. We are also happy to share your charity details on our Facebook page and Pinterest board.
Do prices include tax? 
As all product is shipped to you directly from the UK, no state sales taxes will be levied, as Foldabox has no tax presence in the United States.
What is your cut-off time to dispatch boxes the same day I place my order?
All orders are now shipped directly from our UK warehouse (5 hours ahead of Eastern time), so we cannot ship orders the same day. On the plus side, this means that there is no daily cut-off: orders placed as late as 11:59pm Pacific time will usually be despatched the next working day.

Please note that our warehouse does not dispatch on Saturdays, Sundays, or UK public holidays.
 If you have a deadline to meet, please check with Alison or make contact on 'Live Chat'. 

Can I mix colours or sizes? 

The minimum order for any item is 2 packs - we cannot split packs.
How soon will I receive my boxes?
All bulk orders are despatched to US destinations by DHL Express. The typical transit time is 2-3 working days: roughly the same as a 2-Day expedited service within the US. Samples are sent via a partial courier service but delivery once they reach the USA is via USPS and can take up to 14 days, even a couple of days longer if you are based on the West Coast. There is a 2-3 day courier service for samples but it costs a bit more. 
Can I change the ribbon?

Our fixed ribbon boxes cannot have the ribbon easily removed, it is fixed at the factory during manufacture. Our new range of Slot Gift Boxes have the option to change the ribbon colour, or you can use your own. All Slot Gift boxes are supplied with a single length of matching ribbon so you don't need to do anything if you don't want to. The range of slot boxes is growing so just check and see if the box you like is available with Slots and Ribbon and if not, it soon will be!
Can I add my own logo?
Yes no problem - check our Printing Page for inspiration and then contact our Print Specialist Nigel Taylor by email at Nigel will be happy to advise on the various personalisation techniques available and which method will best suit your requirements.
How much does it cost to add my own logo?

This depends on several factors: how many boxes, how many colours, complexity of your design, how fast you need them. Check with Nigel Taylor (contact details as above) for an up-to-date quotation.
Can I mail out the gift boxes as they are?

No: these are very high quality boxes and very rigid, but they need an extra brown corrugated carton to protect them in the post or if you are sending the assembled box with contents by courier to your customers. Talk to your local corrugated mailing box Supplier for assistance. For extra protection you may wish to select an over-sized corrugated mail box, to allow you to cover the gift box in bubble wrap before packing inside.
Do you supply shredded tissue, wood wool or other filling materials?

Not at the moment. We are currently looking for partner companies who can supply filling materials of various kinds. Please check back to for updates or subscribe to our Emailing List.

Do you offer gloss finish boxes?

No. We selected a matte finish for our boxes after extensive market research and initial sampling. We think it looks better than gloss and it’s also much easier to print the surface of the paper, achieving a much better result if you want to add your own logo.
Can I visit to see your range and discuss ideas?
FoldaboxUSA is an e-commerce business, owned and operated by Foldabox Ltd., based in the United Kingdom. At this stage we do not have offices or showrooms in the United States. 

If you need to discuss a custom enquiry for 2,000 boxes and up, we can connect with you by phone or Skype to talk through the details. Please direct your initial enquiry by email to our North American Customer Liaison Manager Alison Robertson at Depending on the specifics of your enquiry Alison will re-direct you accordingly.

I’ve received my boxes but a few are dented/damaged, what do I do?
Please call or email Alison at We quality-check our boxes carefully before they leave our factory, but unfortunately damages are unavoidable from time to time. Please tell Alison if there is any evident damage to the outer/inner brown carton and if possible email us jpg photos of the damage, as that helps us to identify the cause of the problem. We will either replace or credit the damaged boxes, according to your request.

Can I recycle your boxes?
Yes you can, although recycling restrictions vary from city to city. Ribbons should be removed before sending boxes for recycling. Ribbons can be recycled with clothing and other textiles. Modern recycling facilities remove the lamination layer and sticky corners before re-pulping the paperboard. Iron magnets are usually removed in the recycling process and in any case are bio-degradable. 
The magnets don't seem to be working, what should I do?
Magnets are like people, they like being together! We use strong magnets on our boxes so you should not experience any problems, but if they fail to produce a positive closure immediately, you may need to give them a little time. The magnetism will grow stronger over a few hours. 

Our magnets can be adversely affected by extreme cold, so assemble the boxes and leave them to come up to room temperature, especially if they have transited during cold winter months. Bend the front flap back on itself carefully, as this often helps push the flap closer to the box front when the lid is closed. Close the box front flap and leave for up to 24 hours, the magnetism should increase and the closure flap should be fine. If you are still having problems after 24 hours, please contact Alison Robertson at 

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