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1 Color Foil Blocking

Also known as foil printing, or hot foil stamping.

  • A process that uses heat and pressure to apply your logo or design with a very thin layer of pre-glued foil film to the surface of the gift box.
  • First, your logo or design is etched into a metal block (also known as a die, plate or stamp).
  • The metal block is fixed into the foil blocking machine and heated to a high temperature.
  • Under pressure the metal block presses your selected foil film color into the box surface in the shape of the etched design.
  • Foil film is supplied on rolls and cut down to the required logo width from larger rolls.
  • Traditionally foil colors were commonly gold or silver but foils are available in a wide selection of colors, including matt finishes. Copper and rose gold are currently very popular.
  • Foil is most commonly used and recommended if you want a metallic shiny effect to your logo and produces a premium quality finish.
  • Foils have their own color references depending on the manufacturer. Kurz, Phillips Foils and Foilco are the most common foils used.
  • Foils arenot supplied as Pantone colors but we can usually find a close workable match to a Pantone reference.
  • Foil is a solid color, shading and half-tones cannot be achieved.
  • Due to the application of heat and pressure, the logo is depressed slightly into the surface of the box.
  • Each box is printed individually by hand, this is not an automatic process and requires a skilled printer.


Example of Brass Dies

Example of Brass Dies


Example of Foil Rolls

Example of Foil Rolls