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The ozone layer, a fragile shield of gas, protects the Earth from the harmful portion of the rays of the sun, thus helping preserve life on the planet. International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, also known as World Ozone Day, is celebrated on September 16 to spread awareness among people about the depletion of the ozone layer and search for possible solutions to preserve it. The main cause of depletion of the Ozone layer is human activity, mainly human-made chemicals that contain chlorine or bromine.

The theme for the 2022 International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer is Montreal Protocol@35: global cooperation protecting life on earth. The theme recognises the wider impact the Montreal Protocol has on climate change and the need to act in collaboration, forge partnerships and develop global cooperation to address climate challenges and protect life on earth for future generations. All companies, big or small, can participate in preserving the ozone layer. One way to do this is by choosing sustainable options, including packaging.

Companies have begun to realise the importance of having sustainable product packaging. With billions of tons of packaging waste filling up landfills worldwide, brands are looking for ways to make their packaging more eco-friendly. By moving over to sustainable packaging, companies can now build relationships with like-minded customers and protect the ozone layer simultaneously. Regardless of how small or big, your business is, multiple options exist to adopt a more sustainable packaging solution. Innovative packaging methods that can help your brand and the planet include:

Use recyclable materials

Sustainable packaging made from natural materials like recycled, virgin or dye-free paper is gentle on the environment. You can also try and get rid of plastic and use natural resources instead. The simpler the packaging, the better. Think recycled paper and plain black ink. Our beautiful Natural Kraft range of boxes are the perfect retail gift packaging solution for natural skincare and beauty products and organic and speciality gourmet food gift hampers. It’s also ideal for linen and natural fibre clothing and point-of-sale gift packaging. These boxes are made using recycled materials, are fully recyclable and are environmentally eco-friendly. You can even add Natural cotton ribbon as a light cream colour and the perfect addition to our Natural Kraft Gift Boxes for that entirely eco-friendly finished gift presentation.

Consider unique, innovative, or high-tech materials

You can consider using bioplastics, plant-based packaging peanuts, and rainforest-friendly paper to help the environment with your packaging solutions. A large amount of waste occurs at the warehousing and retailer levels. You can also opt for custom packaging to preserve space and materials throughout the distribution process. Minimalist packaging is the new trend that provides a sleek, clean look that appeals to consumers and simultaneously sets you apart from the heavier-packaged competition.

Rethink your packaging

Many brands love shipping their beautiful products to customers in large boxes, regardless of the product size. But what if we told you that smaller boxes not only look sleek but are more sustainable? Depending on the product, you may find that a smaller and more appropriately sized box does the job. A simple method of arranging products differently can prove more sustainable with the need for less space and packaging extras. Our boxes come in various sizes to suit your product needs.

How we are making a difference?

At Foldabox, our boxes are supplied folded flat. This reduces their carbon footprint dramatically compared to an equivalent-sized rigid box because they take up a fraction of the storage space and minimal space with a courier to deliver them. They are ideally suited to small businesses where storage space is limited. Take up space storing your products, not packaging!

Recycling is essential and should be at the forefront of everyone's mind. However, recycling is not carbon neutral. If we want to make a positive difference to our environment, then not throwing useful items away in the first place is the best option. Foldabox is committed to recycling and minimising our impact on the environment. Our focus is the 3 Rs:

  1. Re-gift
  2. Re-use
  3. Re-purpose

Our boxes have a long cradle-to-grave lifespan because they are high quality, and the end recipient can and will keep them. Even when they have served their initial purpose as a gift box, they can be used for all sorts of useful and attractive storage. Our boxes are specifically used as keepsake boxes and designed to be re-gifted, re-used or re-purposed for all sorts of useful storage around the home. Our aim is that gift boxes be put to good use for many years before they finally meet the end of their useful life. Do your bit to encourage your customers to re-gift, re-use or re-purpose first and only recycle as the last resort.

Here are our eco-friendly credentials

  • Foldabox gift boxes are manufactured from primarily recycled materials that account for approximately 92% of the product by weight.
  • The greyboard (the rigid board in sections under the paper to create the underlying structure of the box) is 100% recycled, and FSC certified.
  • The paper coverings using art paper (black, white, pale pink and pale blue) and special papers for all other box colours are FSC certified.
  • Natural kraft paper used on our Natural Kraft Gift Boxes is 60% recycled. (Please note that it is not possible to use 100% recycled paper as it cracks on the joints.)
  • The paper on white, black, pale pink and pale blue boxes has matt PP lamination. The paper on these boxes should ideally be removed before recycling.
  • Magnets should also ideally be removed before recycling the gift box.
  • Ribbons and decorative closures should be removed. They are recyclable but consider re-using or donating them before throwing them away.
  • Boxes are REACH compliant.
  • Our box factory has a SMETA 4-Pillar Audit.
  • Our warehouse is ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22301 and ISO/IEC27001 accredited.

Sustainable packaging may not be something that can be changed overnight. Still, it’s worth striving towards, and the long-term benefits are rewarding, from reducing your carbon footprint to increased sales.

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