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If regal opulence and grandiose gestures of love are something you believe all dreams are made of then Bridgerton is guaranteed to be your favourite. This hit Netflix series has taken the world by storm. From steamy romance to debut balls and Regency-era aesthetic, Bridgerton is serving up some obsession-worthy styles. The show has provided top-tier wedding style inspiration for 2022 brides, and we love it.

“The opulence of the Regency era is easily adapted to wedding day style,” says Antonia Akai-Casuccio, creative director of The Loved One, a modern-vintage jewellery and accessory brand. “The height of the Regency period occurred between 1811 and 1820, and the styles (during that period) defined a newer, modern era of art, architecture, culture and fashion. For women, in particular, the prevalence of lighter fabrics, softer silhouettes, and elaborate trims and details showcased a new way of dressing.”

How to create a “Bridgerton”-inspired wedding day look

According to Akai, The Regency era definitely had a penchant for ornamentation. Puffed sleeves, floral prints, soft sorbet colours and floral accessories are just a few of the nods we are seeing to the era in today’s bridal style trends. The colour that dominates this season in the Regency Blue and when matched with a string of pearls, is quintessentially an English aesthetic.

Brides adorning a Bridgerton theme and choosing empire-waist wedding dresses with ruffles of lace, elegant gloves, pops of blue pastels, dainty ballet pumps, trailing wisteria, handwritten notes and literary quotes, and afternoon tea with vintage china tablescapes. eBay has reported a 205% rise in searches for puff sleeved wedding dresses as inspired by Daphne, Lady Whistledown.

Bridgerton-inspired packaging and accessories from Foldabox

If a Bridgerton-themed event is what your clients are after, then we highly recommend the following products from Foldabox:

Diamond of the season

If your clients are hosting a Bridgerton-themed event, whether it’s a wedding or bridal shower, we would love to see how you’ve styled our products to match. Don’t forget to tag us on social media so we can feature your business.

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