The art of combining colors with your packaging

One of the keys to making your design come alive is choosing just the right color combination. Whether you’re attempting to evoke the feelings associated with a breathtaking landscape, a romantic sunset or a dynamic scene bursting with color, it takes a trained eye to bring together the perfect hues to drive your message home. Using the right colors and matching them perfectly can be a deal maker and more than challenging! 

Choosing the perfect color for your packaging is what sets your brand apart. And, that’s why color and its theories continue to be the pivot for not just clothes, but everything else like interiors, hair, makeup, and much more.

The best way to know which colors to pair well together is to take a look at the color wheel. The color wheel was first invented by Sir Isaac Newton in the 18th century when he tried to condense the color spectrum into a wheel and visually represent the relationship between them. The wheel has been segregated into the various categories. While we will focus on using it for clothing and outfits, this theory is universal and applies to just about anything that deals with colors.

One fundamental principle for matching anything, is combining colors that work in harmony. Red and green, violet and yellow, blue and orange – complementary colors, as the name goes, work best when put together. These are exactly opposite to each other on the color wheel. They might seem bold to look at, but the outputs will be perfect. If you observe carefully, your spring and summer clothing is mostly designed using complementary colors. While some might argue against this concept, it is actually a matter of choice as some like making bold statements. But what does this mean for your brand and it’s packaging? We advise that you play around with our slot gift boxes with changeable ribbon to really take advantage of the color combos.

Try out slot gift boxes with changeable ribbon

Our extensive range of slot gift boxes provide the added versatility of changing the ribbon color for an even greater degree of customisation to match your brand or product colors.  All 
Slot Boxes with changeable ribbon are supplied complete with a length of matching ribbon but if you want to change the ribbon color to create a more customised packaging solution. It is also ideal to compliment custom logo printing to the box to really drive home your branding.

Take a look at our extended Ribbon Collection for the full range of additional ribbon colors available to purchase separately. All slot boxes are supplied complete with a length of matching colour ribbon, so you don't need to do anything if you don't want to, they look great just as they are! There are exciting new things coming at Foldabox, with the introduction of 57 new ribbon colors to our range and a total of more than 80 available. We offer endless possibilities to match and compliment brand identities, product colors and logo colors.

Nicole Hines
Nicole Hines