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After 2020’s “cancelled Christmas,” this year's promise of a normal, joyful, family fueled, festive season has us all genuinely excited. This is great news for retail and e-commerce alike, as more money will be spent on the “feel good” factor that Christmas gifting naturally brings.

Online shopping has increased by 40%, so it’s important, now more than ever, to appeal to customers who shop with their eyes first. A picture is worth a thousand words, so beautiful gift packaging is a top priority, especially if your customers purchase online without handling the product pre-sale. Now is the time to make up for missed opportunities in the past year due to the pandemic.

If you don’t yet appeal to a younger audience, then now’s the time. 31% of 18 - 30’s are planning to make this Christmas more Instagrammable and environmentally friendly. If you haven’t already, take a look at our previousblog to ensure your packaging is perfect for the ‘Gram. Inthis blog, we focus on popular colour trends that will adorn every home this festive season.

Silver and Gold are especially prominent this season and we’re ready for it! We’ve already seen a marked uptick in sales of silver and gold gift boxes this month. If you're not normally into traditional colours, pair them with pinks or add splashes of vibrant blues for a more contemporary vibe. Don’t forget, double ribbon bows look great and offer the opportunity to create truly unique colour combinations specific to your brand. 

Here’s some festive season gift packaging we have lined up for you this year:

Luxury Gift Boxes

Ribbons For Slot Boxes

Decorative Gemstone Closures

Photo Frames

Photo Frames are a unique new accessory that compliment our folding gift boxes by enabling you to add a photograph, printed product information, a company logo, or promotional message to the outside or outside lid of the gift box.View all our photo frames here.

This year will be a vast improvement on last. COVID restrictions have been eased, people are eager to return to normal traditional celebrations, but keep the ‘Gram in mind when choosing your gift packaging and make the eco-conscious choice. 

We wish you a fab festive season, tag us on social media; we’d love to see your packaging highlights for Xmas 2021.

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