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The beauty industry is a highly competitive one. With every one brand selling a specific product, there are hundreds of competitors. Customers are often loyal to their brand or product of choice but this shouldn't mean that companies should become complacent. For some, make-up is just a product, but it is a form of strength, creativity, and self-expression for others. And the same should be said for the packaging it comes in.

Product packaging serves a purpose. Not only is it meant to protect the products within, but it also has to promote the brand, inform the customer about what they have purchased and retain the customer for future purchases. When it comes to cosmetic and beauty brands, product packaging has another purpose: to attract customers.

Sleek and elegant packaging has always stood out in the beauty industry. Customers also enjoy reusing the boxes their products come in, especially if it's branded by a well-known brand. We’ve found that a solid box colour with a printed logo and matching ribbon is the perfect solution for the beauty industry. Sometimes a combination of accessories that speaks to your brand will help differentiate your products on the crowded shelves. For the beauty industry, we recommend double colour ribbons to take it up a notch.

Beauty subscription boxes and luxury beauty gift packaging hampers from Foldabox

Our luxury folding gift boxes have been used by many leading beauty brands such as L'Oreal, Elemis, Finders, Cowshed, Coty, The Body Shop, The Perfume Shop, Calvin Klein and Estee Lauder to present their skincare, perfume and beauty gift sets. We have the ideal retail gift packaging for product sample mailings, hotel spa gifting, independent beauty salons, hair extensions, wigs and subscription beauty boxes.

Sustainable shoppers expect sustainable packaging. Our gift boxes make perfect eco-friendly presentation packaging for organic and natural skincare products. These sustainable boxes are available in two colours Natural Kraft and Naked Grey.

Our small, A6 shallow and A5 shallow gift boxes are ideal for guest soaps, cosmetics, skincare minis, nail care and beauty gift vouchers. These boxes are available in various colours and fold flat for minimal storage but assemble in seconds into a luxurious and completely rigid gift box.

Personalising product packaging

Printing is the perfect option to create a uniquely personalised gift packaging solution for your products. Customers can add their logo or another branding to our stock gift boxes, it's easy and the results can look fantastic! There is a minimum of 24 gift boxes when customers choose our printing service. We can use foil, print ink to match a Pantone colour or deboss your logo. Multiple print colours and CMYK print are also possible depending on registration, design complexity and box colour.

If you’re looking to elevate your packaging experience, then take a look at our collection of products. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in beauty and are also passionate about artisanal small business owners.

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