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As the seasons change and autumn approaches, the world of design is ready to embrace a fresh burst of inspiration with the latest colour trends. According to the renowned trend forecasting agency WGSN, the 2023 Fall Colour trends are nothing short of celestial. Drawing inspiration from the cosmos, this year's palette features five captivating shades: Galactic Cobalt, Sage Leaf, Astro Dust, Digital Lavender, and Apricot Crush. Colour and design have an influence on almost everything, but at Foldabox, we particularly enjoy seeing how creative our customers are when the seasons and colour palettes change. In this article, we will delve into the mesmerising world of these colours and also explore how they can elevate your packaging.

Enjoy the inspiration from the runway to help you navigate your packaging for Autumn 2023

“Each colour encapsulates the essence of the motivational forces that will drive the consumer. For some, health and healing will be a priority, while for others, discovery and travel will reignite the imagination.” - WGSN

Galactic Cobalt

Imagine the infinite depth of the night sky, where stars twinkle like precious gemstones. Galactic Cobalt embodies the richness and enigmatic allure of this cosmic scene. This deep blue hue exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a perfect choice for luxury product packaging. Its versatility allows it to pair well with metallic accents, adding a touch of modernity and glamour to any design. Products such as high-end cosmetics, exquisite perfumes, or premium chocolates would undoubtedly stand out when wrapped in the celestial embrace of Galactic Cobalt.

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Sage Leaf

In contrast to the deep blues of Galactic Cobalt, Sage Leaf brings a sense of tranquillity and harmony reminiscent of nature's calming embrace. This muted green tone evokes imagery of lush forests and whispers of ancient wisdom. Sage Leaf's calming essence lends itself beautifully to wellness and eco-friendly product packaging. Brands looking to highlight their commitment to sustainability and a connection with nature could utilise this colour to evoke feelings of renewal and organic goodness. From herbal teas to skincare products with natural ingredients, Sage Leaf adds an earthy touch to packaging designs.

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Astro Dust

Astro Dust is a captivating mid-tone red which connects to space exploration. This deep mineral tone evokes the dusty and desolate landscape of Mars and captures the desire to explore remote terrains and planets. When applied to packaging, it effortlessly appeals to the young and the young-at-heart. Its romantic and whimsical aura makes it ideal for products like delicate jewellery, high-end stationery, or even luxury confectionery. This gender-inclusive colour is also a great red update for fashion essentials, outerwear and knitwear. It will also be key for make-up, skincare and hair colour.

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Digital Lavender

As we dive deeper into the digital age, this vibrant and dynamic hue makes its mark on the 2023 Fall Colour trends. Digital Lavender was the WGSN 2023 Colour of the Year and will stay closely connected to digital wellness and escapism. Digital Lavender fuses the energy of technology with the calm of lavender, resulting in a colour that is both exciting and soothing. Digital Lavender has a soothing and balancing property which connects it directly to this growing mental health movement. Brands should embrace the health and wellness attributes of Digital Lavender and use it for smart fitness, wearables and training-led product categories. We also see this restful purple being important for sleep products within the beauty, interiors and fashion industries.

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Apricot Crush

Rounding off the cosmic palette is Apricot Crush, a warm and inviting shade that radiates joy and optimism. This cheerful and vibrant hue embraces the essence of a setting sun, casting a comforting glow over everything it touches. Apricot Crush brings a touch of playfulness to packaging design, making it ideal for products that evoke happy and carefree moments. From summer fashion collections to artisanal treats, this colour invites consumers to indulge in the simple pleasures of life. Its playful side will connect to joyful beauty products, fragrances, skincare and hair colour. Apricot Crush is versatile and gender-inclusive and great for knitwear, loungewear, activewear and outerwear. The restorative attributes can be utilised for health and wellness-led consumer tech products.

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The magic of combining colours

The beauty of this colour palette lies not only in individual colours but also in their harmonious combinations. Galactic Cobalt and Astro Dust, when used together, create a captivating interplay of dark and light, evoking the mysteries of the universe. Sage Leaf and Apricot Crush, on the other hand, form a charming duo that celebrates nature's bounty and the joy of living.

For packaging design, utilising this colour palette strategically can elevate the overall brand image and product appeal. Whether blending Sage Leaf and Digital Lavender for a product range that balances nature and technology or incorporating Astro Dust and Apricot Crush for a whimsical and joyful packaging experience, the possibilities are endless.

The 2023 Fall Colour trends, as forecasted by WGSN, open up a celestial realm of inspiration for packaging designers. From the deep blues of Galactic Cobalt to the cheerful glow of Apricot Crush, each hue offers a unique and powerful statement. These cosmic colours provide an opportunity for brands to tell captivating stories, create emotional connections, and enhance the overall consumer experience. By embracing the enchanting allure of these celestial shades, packaging designs can transport consumers to a world of wonder, stirring their imagination and kindling a desire to explore the products within. As the fall season unfolds, let this palette guide you on a journey of creativity.

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